Describe a Photograph

What photo is it? 


Is it indoors or outdoors?


Where was the photo taken?

Lorenki, Poland

When was the photo taken?


Are there people in the photo? How many? Who are they? How old? What are they wearing and doing?

The photo shows great-grandmother Małgorzata Szczepaniak at the age of 90. She lived to the age of 99. She lived in the tiny village of Lorenki, about 30 km north of Łodz. She worked in the countryside all her life. She was fully functional until the end of her life. She didn't wear glasses and she could thread a needle, which surprised me because I had been wearing glasses since I was a child.

What is the background in the photo?

Piece of straw-covered barn

Please describe the photo and give as many details as possible:

I personally took the photo with Smiena's camera when I started to be interested in photography in 80s. This is a scan from my negative.