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Susan Lipsky's Photo Album

16  images created with artificial intelligence based on texts written by a fictitious character - a mysterious artist, photographer and collector named Susan Lipsky, created by the artist Meir Agassi, especially for the exhibition A Window to a Dream of Beauty - The Meir Agassi Retrospective currently on display at the Mishkan Museum of Art in Ein Harod.
The series of text works with which this project corresponds, a Portrait of a Female Mannequin With a Macintosh and a Homburg created by the artist Agassi in 1997, includes 16 photographs that have been converted into a text work describing them in detail, along with a note detailing where they were purchased and a mention of a quote that appeared (allegedly or not) on the back of the photograph.

Now on display as part of the exhibition Chalon LeChalom al Yoffi - Mair Agassi at the Mishkan Museum of Art - Ein Harod until 08/2024

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