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  • Andrea Kraus

34 minutes, 2.7 km

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

In the Düsseldorf address book from 1936 Georg Lindmeyer's office was registered at Steinstraße 78 on the 3rd floor. I went there today because I wanted to record the route on stop motion all the way from his office to his house. Unfortunately I realized that There's no 78 on this street, it only goes up to 34. I was frustrated that I couldn't find it and went into the corner book shop to ask about this.

I was really impressed with how kind and helpful the book keeper was. He did not know how the street was in the past but looked up the Georg's name and came up with a different address to this office.

I think the address on Bismarckstraße was in the office he worked as a lawyer when he could still represent before 1933. Later he was forbidden due to the non-Arian race laws.

The address on Steinstraße 18 was a different office later in time and I can just guess this is where he moved to work because he could no longer work at the company where he was hired.

Just a two minutes walk from the book shop I found this address very quickly as a beauty and nail salon, and it was still closed. Neither of the buildings from the 30's still exists, they were all destroyed during the war. I photographed the beauty shop and set out on my 34 minutes journey to Salierstraße 4 in Oberkassel.

How did he get to work every morning? Did he use the u-bahn? Did he cycle? Did he walk? I will try to capture all these options.

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