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  • Ernst Jäger

Corner of Hellweg and Bruchstrasse

What used to be Alter Hellweg in the 20's of the previous century is now called Bruchstrasse. In a drawing made by the police of the crime scene of Rudolf Scheer I could see the path he took from Rosmarinstrasse to Hellweg on February 13th 1929 on the night of his murder.

I arrived at the crime scene and started looking for clues and evidence. The street on both sides has newer buildings that hide the former ditches that formed the shape of the street over a 100 years ago.

On t opposite side of the road there's is a Japanese church. This is where I stood when I took this picture that those the entire corner and the first 50 members of the street wooing the path Scheer took and where he was stabbed.

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