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Hugo Jäger

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Born in 1922, Hugo was a strict man and we did not have a very close relationship. He was very dedicated to his work as an accountant in a factory. At a younger age he was recruited to the army and fought in the war in the western front. He was injured but not severely and held as prisoner of war for 3 months by the British army. I discovered this information on my own as he would never talk about topics such as the past or the war. He got married at 19 to a woman named Ilse and had a child named Gerta, Later she would die a very young toddler. When he was 30 he remarried my mother and had 3 more children myself and my younger sister and brother. He passed away from cancer in 1991 when I was 34. The earliest memory that I have of him is probably his smell of smoke. in those days he used to smoke a pipe and it had this smoky sweet smell so that every time he picked me up this smell tickled my nose. Later he switched to cigarettes and my mother forbade him from smoking inside and he would go out to the balcony, have a drink and a smoke while leaning against the stone wall, trying to catch a glimpse of the garden underneath. Since a very young age we would go to hiking trips with him, sometimes my mother joined, I remember them very fondly. As he got older he stared losing his hair and since he wore a hat to hide the scars on his head, scars that were pretty hidden under his hair.

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