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  • Ernst Jäger

Murder at the church's backyard

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

On February 8th 1929 the body of an 8 years old girl was discovered on the edge of the courtyard of the St. Vinzenz church near the (then construction site of the) swimming pool.

The name of the little girl was Rosa Ohliger. I went there today to try and understand where the exact crime scene is and see if I can gather any evidence.


At first I arrived at Kettwigerstrasse to the building adjacent to the Freizeitbad Düsseldorfstrand. This path followed to what I thought at first was the place where the body was discovered. when I approached the gate at the end I realized that cannot be as it is too far from the church. I investigated the area little bit and then went around to Höherweg to the church side.

I circled it when I discovered a young tattooed man who came with a van and had a key to the churchyard entrance. This was of no use to me as I saw clearly that this will not lead me to the right location.

I kept walking to discover what should be the right place.

This is the border between the church and a residence building, as it turns out the crime scene is now a private garden and parking that belongs to this building. The gate was closed and impossible to see through. I sat down and waited for some tenant to come along. I was not lucky with the first one that did not want to open the gate for me, but the second neighbor was a good sport and opened the gate and left it open for me and let me do as I please.

I took some photos of the ground and some interesting artifacts and also the wall and fence between the properties. A missing piece of the fence enabled me to take pictures of the churches playground.

On the way back it started raining strongly.

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