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  • Andrea Kraus

12 minutes

It takes 12 minutes to walk from Schorlemerstraße 26 to Salierstraße 4 in Oberkassel. I often wonder whether those two families ever met. Maybe they just knew each others faces and nodded politely from across the street. Maybe they crossed each others paths while shopping in the market. Today for the first time I walked from one house to the other and filmed the journey in stop motion. A couple with a young toddler happened to be walking alongside me the whole way, then I stopped at the door and realized I was in their way. They do not live there but were visiting a friend who let me into the building. She was curious to know about the Lindemeyers. Turns out she grew up there and never knew. I am waiting to hear from her, perhaps she will put me in contact with the current owners and hopefully they will let me into their apartment on the ground floor.

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