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  • Andrea Kraus

Jonas Krause

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

My dad is really pleased with himself in this super staged photo of him and his family. The special occasion is his acceptance to high school, he just turned 11 and passed all the exams with great success. To me this photo always seemed like an advertisement to a new sophisticated radio device. My uncle Leopold looks like prince Phillip. Aunt Gretchen is the only one sort of looking towards the camera. Grandparents Ulrike and Georg are looking in admiration towards their youngest child although grandma is more serious than grandpa.



I always remembered this was the story of this photo since it made so much sense because everybody are focused on my dad. Turns out its a festive Christmas photo - Weihnachten of 1956. I have to look now for the photo which its story I remember. Will follow up on this.



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